Terra Nova Trail

Riding Style

The Terra Nova trail is an XC trail in that it is not very technical and is quite long. The trail takes you through some amazingly scenic forest and is mostly on old skidder roads that have grown over so much that only a single track is left.


Getting There

Terra Nova is approximately 8 kilometers south west of Victoria on your way to Sooke. At the south west end of the four lane section of Sooke road. Drive out of Victoria towards Sooke. When you are nearing the end of the four lane (two for each direction) and the road swings to your left park at the pull off on your right where the mail boxes are.


Elevation Change

About 200 meters of elevation gain


Finding the trail

Park at the mailboxes on the right side of the road at the end of the four lane section of Sooke road as you head to Sooke. Walk or ride back towards Victoria on the same side of the road. On the other side of the large property with a saw mill you will see the back of a road sign. When you get to it you will see the trail heading into the trees right beside it. You will immediately cross over the cement pipeline and then head into the bush passing lots of old metal junk. This is the start of the trail.


Area of trailĀ 

Approximately 4 kilometers squared.

Land Status

CRD Wilderness Reserve


Riding Season

All year long, depending on snow coverage in the winter.


Map of the Terra Nova and Secret Trails

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