The 2015 Cumberland Map is available

The New 2015 GEO-Referenced Cumberland trail map is now up and available for purchase. New trails include;

Josh, Munday’s Child, Fuji Jim, 2 Shoes, Resurrection, Meat Balls, Spaghetti Factory, Round Out, Block Head, Numb Skull, Babe, Rufus, Trent Canyon Extension and the Cottonwood Trail.

The New Bear Mountain

My favourite place to ride used to be Millstream, and for the first time in over a decade, I’m excited about the future of mountain biking again, up at Bear Mountain.

The new owners are very forward thinking and are very interested in promoting outdoor recreation in the area. Specifically mountain biking and tennis. They have reached out to the mountain biking community and are looking for ways to help.

You have probably heard that ¬†JumpShip is going to be held at Bear Mountain this year and I’m pretty sure that is just the beginning. They have also given space to the South Island Mountain Bike Society to hold their meetings and are sponsoring a Trail Builders Academy in combination with Accent Inns, SIMBS and NSMBA.

There might be concern that this is a private company and that they are just interested in providing opportunities for potential home buyers or visitors to use local amenities. And that is valid. The fact is these are still good reasons. Building new trails and making connections with neighbouring trails systems (and they have made steps in this direction) is how larger loop options get started. Once those larger connections are made. Like a branch on a tree. They often grow new limbs.

I’m stoked to see Bear Mountain stepping back into the trail picture. With more partners, private and public, our riding future is very bright.


Two Epic Multi-use Nature Trail Loop Vision – 35 km and 70 km

North and South Epic Multi-use Nature Trail Loops

For the past few years I have been putting together a trail vision almost like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. It evolved really, starting with connecting Langford to Leechtown via double or single track trail. Then Leechtown to Brentwood Bay. Then I started to see options for loops.
Since then I have talked to many of the land owners and have some more meetings coming up. In short, it is starting to get some traction.
Keep in mind things are in early stages and there is a long way to go, but these things have to start somewhere.
The South Loop would travel out towards Sooke. First using the trail around Langford lake, then onto the proposed E&N trail to take you up behind Humpback Reservoir. Then it travels on fire road for a short distance to connect with old double track trail in the Sooke Hills. You would travel past several back country lakes and campsites. Eventually emerging onto the Goose by Leechtown. Then returns on the Galloping Goose. All of the trail for this loop exists, though some of it will need to be upgraded to make the entire route a beginner-intermediate ride.
The North Loop, heads up through Gowlland Tod Park, across into Partridge Hills and back through Hartland/Mt Work Park into Thetis Lake Park.
There is some trail connecting work that will ultimately need to be done in the Gowlland Tod to stay off the hiking ridge, but otherwise the rest of this trail exists. It would be more intermediate-advanced, leaning towards the intermediate.
Both trails would be multi-use and natural surface where ever possible.

Take a Kid Mountain Biking day at the Hartland Road Dump

A little rain didn’t stop these hearty west coast tikes at this years annual take a kid mountain biking day. They all rode for an hour and a half in the rain and I didn’t hear one complaint. But I did hear a few “that was great”‘s.